Habits That Make You Look Older

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  • Rubbing of your eyes: Tiredness causes you to rub your eyes. Pulling and rubbing of your eyes can break the tiny capillaries which are present around the delicate skin of the eyes. This causes the eyes to darker and eventually makes you look old. Constant rubbing of your eyes, increases wrinkling too.
  • Sleeping on one side or your stomach for a longer period of time: Though the comfort levels are higher by sleeping sideways or on the stomach, you end up having your face pressed against the pillow for almost 9 hours. This speeds up the formation of wrinkles and visible fine lines. If it is not possible to lie flat on the back, then studies suggest that you make use of a softer pillow. This helps to lessen the pressure applied on the face.
  • Lack of water consumption: You should make it a must to keep your body hydrated at all times. Consume at least 3 liters of water on a daily basis. By keeping your body hydrated you provide sufficient hydration to the skin as well and it does not feel dry or dehydrated.
  • Refrain from gaining and losing weight and then regaining weight cycle. If this is the cycle you are maintaining then you need to work towards your weight loss methods and learn to maintain them. Gaining and losing weight causes the skin to stretch and hence it loses out on its elasticity which inturn causes the skin to sag. Sagging of skin is a vivid sign of aging.
  • Avoid having a sweet tooth. Too much sugar speeds the aging process in the body. This is health hazardous too.

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